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PNI Spring 2022

Our Research Team

Our lab is led by Dr. Vichaya and maintains a collaborative, interdisciplinary group of Baylor graduate and undergraduate students.


Elisabeth G. Vichaya, PhD

Principle Investigator


Kayla Gilley, MA

Graduate Student Researcher


Laura Kusumo

Undergraduate Research Leader

My name is Laura Kusumo and I am a Neuroscience major with a minor in Nutrition Sciences. My anticipation graduation date is May 2023 and afterward, I plan on attending graduate school in hopes to continue research in neuroscience with an interest in investigating cognitive and affective outcomes in preclinical hyperglycemic mouse models. A fun fact about me is that I can play three instruments!

Pranay Sharma.jpg

Pranay Sharma

Undergraduate Research Leader

My name is Pranay Sharma and I am a current senior at Baylor majoring in Neuroscience and on the pre-med track. I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and a fun fact about me is that I was a competitive swimmer for 12 years! Outside of the lab, I love to play basketball, run and hike.


Riley McCready

Undergraduate Research Leader

My name is Riley McCready, and I am from Woodstock, Georgia. I am a Senior University Scholars major concentrating in Biology and Psychology. I plan to attend medical school after graduating, and I have been with the PNI Lab since Fall 2020.

grace hall.png

Grace Hall

Undergraduate Research Leader

My name is Grace Hall! I am a senior University Scholar concentrating in neuroscience and medical humanities, with minors in biology and biochemistry. I am from Colorado Springs, Colorado, but I was a military kid so I have lived all over! I am planning on going to grad school after graduating to further study neuroscience


Madilyn Johnson

Research Assistant

My name is Madilyn, and I am a sophomore studying medical humanities on the pre-med track. I'm from Hartsville, South Carolina.


KJ Singh

Research Assistant

Hi! I'm KJ and I am a senior biology major. I'm from Galveston island. One of the things I do is play chess in my free time!

dylan petway.png

Dylan Petway

Research Assistant

Hi! My name is Dylan and I am from Laguna Beach, California. I am currently a junior studying Neuroscience here at Baylor. I serve as a Resident Advisor in the on-campus dorms and I am the Vice President of the Neuroscience Student Association. Post graduation, I am interested in attending graduate school to continue to pursue my love of neuroscience and psychology. In my free time, I love going on hikes, traveling, listening to music, and learning about the brain and all of its fascinating intricacies!


Sindhuja Earagolla

Research Assistant

Hi! My name is Sindhuja Earagolla and I am a senior in the Honors College majoring in Health Science Studies and minoring in Biology on the pre-medical track. I love to dance and play basketball. After graduation, I will be working as a medical assistant and applying to medical school. I have been a part of this lab since my sophomore year and have learned so many important writing and technical skills since then. This lab has made me not only a better researcher but also a better peer and mentor. The people I have met throughout my time in this lab have made the over research experience amazing!


Saba Sultan

Research Assistant

Hi! My name is Saba Sultan and I am a senior McNair Scholar on the Pre-Occupational Therapy track. I joined the PNI lab in the summer of 2022. In the future, I hope to pursue a doctorate in Occupational Therapy. During my free time, I enjoy drawing and drinking lots of coffee :)


Amoli Tadiparthi

Research Assistant

Hi!! My name is Amoli and I am a senior biology major from California. I am on the pre-med track and a part of the honors program here at Baylor. After graduation, I plan to take a gap year to gain more experience whether in the research or clinical setting, before I apply to medical school. Through the honors program, I got the opportunity to participate in a thesis project in the PNI lab; we focused on astrocytic activation in the hippocampal region, and how that may be affected under hyperglycemic conditions. I joined the PNI lab at the beginning of my junior year, and within this year, have gained a range of research experiences and new techniques that I hope to apply in my future career!

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